Brighter Christmas!

It’s Christmas! While that is a cause for celebration, you’re probably worried about your savings because Christmas means endless shopping, baking and more shopping! If you are looking for a quick solution, like an online instant loan , then FlexSalary has got a novel solution for you – a personal line of credit with flexible repayment options.

How Is A Personal Line Of Credit Better Than A Personal Loan For Christmas

Not just Christmas, but for any occasion, a personal line of credit is a better alternative compared to an instant personal loan or a credit card. Here’s why.

With an instant personal loan for Christmas shopping, you would be required to pay interest on the entire amount from Day 1. As for credit cards, most don’t allow you to withdraw money from ATMs.

With a personal credit line, you can withdraw the amount you want to use through your bank account and you will be only charged interest on that amount. FlexSalary has taken it up a notch with a quick approval process, a purely online application procedure and a minimum salary eligibility of just ₹ 8,000.

How A Personal Line of Credit From FlexSalary Can Lighten Your Christmas

  • Bring on the bling!

While you are crossing off things on your Christmas shopping list, why not buy something that would give you returns in future? Yes, you guessed right, we are talking about gold. Investing in gold never goes out of fashion, mostly because it’s the best way to protect yourself from inflation. If you are wondering what would make a great gift for your daughter, we say buy a piece for her collection. She’ll reap the returns in future!

  • Brighten your home

A festive atmosphere demands bright lights, perhaps a fresh coat of paint and maybe even a bit of home renovation. You can plaster up any small cracks in the walls, perhaps re-paint them in blue or even orange. Wall paintings and clocks are also a great way to improve home décor. Christmas is the perfect time to go extravagant!

  • Consumer durables have a say too!

Brightening up your home doesn’t mean just your walls. Throw out that rusty armchair and invest in a good recliner. With FlexSalary’s personal line of credit, you needn’t worry about budgeting. If your furniture is in tip-top shape, you can think of purchasing a new TV or maybe a washing machine. Now is the right time because most sellers offer discounts during Christmas time.

  • Vacationing

What with studies and a job, getting the whole family together is a Herculean task. Why not go on a vacation and spend some quality time together? The kids would get a week of holidays and you could take some time off too!

So, what are you waiting for? Quit searching for an instant cash loan and take the road to financial freedom with a personal line of credit! Apply now today!

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