Avail Instant Personal Loans Loan up to 2 Lakhs Quick Disbursal Minimum Documentation!
Beat your short term cash crunch

We’ve all struggled with money one time or the other. It can be difficult to begin monitoring your day-to-day expenses. But there are easy steps you can take to cover your immediate financial needs.

  1. Understanding FlexSalarys’ Line of Credit
  2. Getting a Line of credit
  3. Repayments
  4. Eligibility

Understanding FlexSalarys’ Advance on Salary:

FlexSalary removes the complexity in borrowing money instantly. Advance on Salary from FlexSalary is an open-ended line of credit loan that ensures instant disbursal and flexible repayments. Salary Advance offers all the benefits of a traditional personal loan and allows you to have the control over the cash flow. It gives you access to the funds you need within your credit limit.

The benefit of line of credit is that you only need to apply once, and are free to use any amount up to your credit limit, and interest is only charged on the amount you use.

Moreover, you can request advance salary at any time, if you have credit on your account.

Why choose FlexSalary over other online lenders:

  • FlexSalary works fast to disburse the money you need in no time.
  • With FlexSalary you can borrow up to 2 Lakh.
  • Our portal is time-saving and easy-to-use.

Getting Advance Salary Line of Credit:

At FlexSalary, getting Advance Salary is a cake walk. Just click check eligibility in our portal and submit loan application form with all the required details. The next thing that you get is an SMS that reads “Money Credited”. Unlike personal loans, FlexSalary allows you to make minimum monthly payments.

Remainder: You are free to use any amount within your limit. We charge interest only on the amount you used.

When to use FlexSalary Salary Advance:

FlexSalary line of credit is ideal for everyone with unexpected expenses. Put an end to all month-end sacrifices and get a line of credit from FlexSalary. You can request cash advances for any day-to-day cash emergencies like vehicle expenses, unplanned weekend getaways, clearing your credit card bills, paying for unplanned medical expenses, School fees or even EMI Payments. We save you from the embarrassment. Just borrow only the funds you need and we charge interest on amount you withdraw.

What’s Stopping you? Come to FlexSalary. Take your Money. Attend the plans as scheduled!

 These make you a fan of FlexSalary

  • No Paperwork.
  • Instant cash.
  • Secured transactions.
  • Easy & affordable.
  • Credit score improvement.
  • No questions asked.

Repaying your Advance Salary Loan:

Salary Advance is an open-ended loan, which makes it a better choice than other traditional personal loan products. With FlexSalary you can get your salary whenever you need. Unlike any personal loan, Line of credit allows you to pay back your loan balance in flexible installments. We are online and you can make payments towards your loan balance at any time through FlexSalary portal.

Eligibility to apply for Advance Salary from FlexSalary:

These are the minimum requirements to apply for FlexSalarys’ Advance Salary.

Age: 18+

Nationality: Indian

Active bank account.

Salaried Employees.

Valid contact details.

KYC documents.

Need your Salary in Advance? You are just a click away!

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