Celebrate Independence Day

In just a few more days, India and all its citizens will celebrate the 70th year of independence from the British imperialism. A lot has changed in these seventy years; we have one of the largest armies in the world, we are now fully capable of producing most of our own food, and our democracy is something of an inspiration for many other nations. Rapidly growing employment situation, and various other social causes that are continually seeing a betterment, are a few feats India has achieved in the last 70 years. And, we, as proud citizens of this great nation, continue to enjoy the freedom of our motherland. But, do you really have all the freedom that you can wish for? Have you not found yourself in situations wherein you have had to curb a reasonable desire due to lack of finances? In my experience, such situations have occurred frequently and don’t exactly evoke a sense of being free. On those occasions, I have often wondered how would it feel to have a way of procuring instant cash without having to ask a friend or family. Like a personal loan, just not that big in amount or tenure, something that I can pay off with my salary. My wishes were granted in the form of FlexSalary, an online platform that allows you to be your own knight in shining armor (or maybe something less dramatic!).

This Independence Day falls on a Tuesday, that means a super long weekend is on its way and for most of us a weekend getaway is in order. But, are you worried about how will you manage your expenses for the rest of the month? Because, let’s be honest long weekends can be expensive! Even if you don’t like travelling and going away isn’t your idea of fun, you will not spend this holiday sitting at home. Independence Day is one of those days when all your friends get a holiday, even the ones who are still studying. You just cannot say no to a get together with these people and, why should you? FlexSalary has you covered with its no fixed EMI cash advances. You might even want to fly to Delhi and witness the Independence Day Parade in all its patriotic glory, just let FlexSalary take care of the extra expense. This opportunity is the most valuable for those who don’t get to visit their hometown very often because well, life has taken over and things aren’t that easy. Do not let your finances be a hindrance to your plans of meeting your parents. Just get your salary in advance from FlexSalary and go surprise them.

A cash advance against your salary, sounds like the best solution to you month-end financial tribulations, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what FlexSalary aims to give you. It is your one-stop online destination for fixed EMI free loans against your salary. It is just like you are getting your salary in advance, exactly when you need it the most. Free yourself of financial worries this Independence Day and make the best of the long weekend, those things are rare after all!

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