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Get Instant Loan From FlexSalary and Celebrate this Diwali Happily 

The festive season in India is on and now the enjoyment, family gathering, travel, and celebrations will go on a ramp. In India, we see the diversity in culture that brings in so many colorful festivals to celebrate. These are the times when everybody enjoys family time, friendship, and togetherness along with devotion towards God.

In the past three years after the setback of COVID-19, we have started celebrating togetherness even more after being apart from our loved ones or unfortunately losing them. With the happiness and fun, the celebration time also brings in so many expenses. This has given a new trend in the market that has reflected an exponential uptick in credit transfers and transactions during the festive season.

Bright and decorative markets make it true that “expenses have no limit”. Before you are lured into a big budget crisis check out a few measures you can take to spend mindfully this festive season.

Three things to keep away from overspending this festive season:

  • Avoid indulging in impulsive shopping and unnecessary purchases.
  • Avail the discounts and offers on your shopping and payments. 
  • Save from one-time cash drain instead choose installment payment options.

Along with joy and celebrations, the festive season brings with it additional expense as well. Meeting them on your fixed monthly income might seem tough. To boost the cash inflow and enjoy it to the fullest you might need a financial catalyst. FlexSalary can be your supportive hand to give you the utmost pleasure of family time and enjoyment in this festive season without a cash crunch. 

What is the FlexSalary Line of Credit?

FlexSalary line of credit is a credit limit that is approved on your account out of which you keep on borrowing credit as per your need. Since in a line of credit you pay the interest only after spending hence for festive season expenses, to meet all the variable expenses this line of credit is suitable. 

At FlexSalary anyone with a salary starting from Rs.8000 per month is eligible to apply for the line of credit. It comes with a large credit limit varying between Rs.500 to Rs.2,00,00 making it perfect for both small and bigger expenses. You can apply for this credit line just with your salary slip, bank statement and sometimes after a soft credit pull. 

Top 10 Features of Availing a FlexSalary Instant Line of Credit :

  • 100% digital credit facility.
  • Simple online application.
  • Minimal Documentation.
  • Online KYC for verification.
  • Instant approval.
  • Quick credit disbursal.
  • No fixed EMIs for repayment.
  • Flexible tenure of 36 months.
  • Easy renewal with part payment.
  • Reasonable interest rates.

How FlexSalary Line of Credit Can Help in Shopping this Festive Season?

1. Instant credit:  

FlexSalary gives credit within 24 hours of the loan application. For shopping, travel, festive arrangements or even emergency requirements this credit support can be the fastest. It is online you can access it at any time anywhere using its FlexSalary Mobile App or website. FlexSalary line of credit has minimal documentation followed by easy verification through online KYC that helps in instant approval and quick credit.

2. Reasonable interest rates:

In FlexSalary line of credit the rate of interest is reasonable and competitive. Since the interest is calculated only on the sum used and the remaining credit limit attracts no interest FlexSalary is an affordable credit facility for salaried professionals.

3. No one-time cash drain:

Many companies will give Diwali bonuses to their employees. Save it for investment for future gains. Now you must be thinking then how to meet the additional expenses. Well, the answer is the FlexSalary line of credit. You can spend this and convert your total dues into easy EMIs and pay them back over a period. This is the best way to save from a cash drain.  

4. Flexible repayment:

  Besides installment payment options, you can also pay them back in flexible EMIs. FlexSalary has no fixed EMI policy and accepts variable installments without any penalties or hidden charges imposed. On your fixed salary the repayment of FlexSalary dues does not enhance the burden. Since it’s a line of credit designed exclusively for salaried professionals it serves them the best.

5. Easy Renewal:

While any instant loan or cash loan or one-time solution for you the FlexSalary line of credit is continuous financial support. You can keep on renewing your credit limit even after part payment. Also, you can make a one-time repayment without having to pay any prepayment charges against the loss of interest.

While we pray to goddess Laxmi and lord Ganesha for prosperity and wealth we also show our devotion towards them with full of spirit celebrations. The celebrations and festive arrangements always demand more cash flow. While the budget of a salaried professional is dependent on the month’s salary, extra festive season expenses might seem a burden. Diwali festival falling at month-end has also not been helpful. In such situations, limited bonuses should not be the reason behind curtailment and curb enjoyment. Thus, going for the FlexSlaary line of credit can be a pocket-friendly and easy-to-avail cash catalyst for your salary.