Instant Cash Loans

No doubt, emergencies never come with a prior warning. You are cash-strapped till next payday but went short on rent or maybe you’re broke and your car thinks that it’s the best time to seize up or you need to make credit card payment or you forgot to gift your pal on special occasion or anything, when you run out of money, there can be endless reasons to meet monetary commitments – right away.

Don’t worry. Your options to make money instantly aren’t endless. So, if you need instant cash here are some ideas where you can mint money fast.

If you need money real fast – like today or tomorrow….

Pawn or sell your asset:

If you’ve something valuable in your chest – a gold necklace or an antique collection of your grandfather or any other valuable asset, selling it may help put out a fire, but you may kick yourself for losing a meaningful treasure. Based on the severity of your situation, you can sell it. But remember, selling an asset in haste will not fetch you a better price right away! So, give this a thought before you try it.

Call your family or friends:

It’s not that you need to be told to reach your family out for help when you’re in need, but that won’t be pretty. If you go over to them and ask for some monetary support, be ready to handle those awkward silences or even a No in return. Sometimes, this will call for further discussions that end up humiliating you. Keep in mind that even if your family agrees to pay for your cash crunch, you may not be able to get that today, like on the spot. Be prepared to handle the delay. So, are you ready for that awkward conversation?

Trade your telephone:

If you own a smartphone and if you need money right away, sell it out. Look around your home or call your friends for a place where you can sell-off your mobile. There’re also many online sites where you can trade a phone and get money, but it’s important to check the authenticity of the website before you sell it. These sites will examine your phone and decide up on a price, if you agree to the rate, you’ll get money on the spot. Sometimes (Most of the times) the marketplace guys (both online & offline) trick you for a lower value. So, beware.

Take out a cash Advance:

Other than traditional personal loans , there’re Salary Advance loans that can cover your financial emergencies in a jiffy. Salary Advance loans are alternative to personal loans, where a simple online application can provide you with the money you need. There’re many Non-Banking financial organizations like FlexSalary, that provide you with an immediate cash loan irrespective of your CIBIL Score. All you need to do is to apply for Salary Advance loan. And once your application is approved (Mostly every loan request is approved. It’s just to verify your details), you can withdraw any amount you need within your credit limit. Furthermore, Salary Advance loans from FlexSalary charge interest only on the amount you used but not on the total loan balance. Moreover, you can pay back the loan in relaxed intervals – No pressure of fixed EMIs. Yay! They have an Android App too. So, if you are in a hurry for instant cash, FlexSalary is your way to turn your available credit into cash.

If you’ve a weeks’ time to clear the monetary crunch…

Sign up as a freelancer:

If you’re proficient in a marketable skill like web or graphic design or SEO or writing or animation, you can make a quick buck with the work you know on many online freelancing sites. It’s debatable to decide your freelancing career but when you’re in need for immediate cash loan, freelancing is a potential platform for earning quick money. Here you can bid your charges for each project and on successful completion, you can earn decent amount quickly. So, if you can sell your skill on such platforms, you can manage to arrange instant cash a weeks’ time.

Become an Uber driver:

This option may not be practical for many. But when you need immediate cash loan, and you have a reliable car and some time to clear your dues, driving for Uber can earn you some honest money. Average hourly rate of an Uber driver during rush hours is around Rs. 250 and Rs. 150 for regular hours. The plus side here is that you can make money instantly, which wasn’t always the same with other businesses.

But, to make a decent amount you’ve to drive around both in peak hours or regular hours. Keep in mind that you need to play for your car fuel and wear and tear from your pocket. So, to cover up that financial emergency with a week or a couple of weeks downtime driving people around is not a bad option.

If you’re looking for instant cash, here are some lucrative solutions you can rely upon. Which option do you think is better? Do you have much better way out to add to the list? Let’s know in your comments below.

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