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Loans for Emergency in India will help you when you face an unpredictable situation and need cash immediately. Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) and other loan lenders provide an online emergency cash loan. You might need an emergency loan online for various reasons - to pay for your medical bills, urgent car repair, or to have a dream wedding. No matter the purpose, applying for an emergency cash loan with FlexSalary is completely hassle-free.

Additionally, FlexSalary has a flexible repayment option, and you can repay the money in flexible payments every month. We offer emergency loan in India for salaried professionals with a minimum salary of INR 8,000. With our simple eligibility criteria, it is easy for you to qualify for an urgent cash loan on the same day you have applied.

When Should You Choose an Emergency Cash Loan?

Emergency cash loan is exclusively designed to help you financially during emergencies.

  • Home repair - Maintaining a home is pretty expensive. At times, there may be unexpected damages like water leakage, pipe damage, etc. To fix them immediately or replace them, you need to buy the parts as well as pay for the services. So, applying for an emergency cash loan online can quickly help you solve such a problem.
  • Medical bills - You may burn your pocket by paying for unexpected injuries, costly medicines, treatments, and other procedures. So, applying for an emergency cash loan can be of huge help at that time.
  • Other unexpected expenses - There may be some other unexpected expenses such as urgent travel plans, home renovation, etc. In such situations, applying for an urgent cash loan is the best solution.

Advantages of an Emergency Cash Loan

  • Quick processing - An emergency cash loan can be helpful during emergencies when you have urgent medical bills to pay. As these loans are processed quickly, you can depend on them when you have an emergency.
  • Convenience - The loan application, processing, and everything can be done online. There is no restriction on how you use the urgent cash loan. You can pay for your electricity bills, repair your car, pay your premiums, etc.
  • Credit score is not an issue - Much attention is not paid to check your credit score when approving an urgent loan. Your credit score is important only to decide the interest-rates. The best advantage of having an online emergency loan is that they help you increase your credit score if you make timely payments, especially when you have a low credit score.

Do You Qualify for an Emergency Cash Loan from FlexSalary

Instantly find out your eligibility for an online emergency cash loan with FlexSalary:

  • Should be a resident of India.
  • Should be equal to or more than 21 years of age.
  • Should be a salaried employee with a monthly income of at least INR 8,000.

Our emergency loan app helps you get cash within no time so that you can meet your emergency needs that can't wait.

Documents Required for Emergency Cash Loan from FlexSalary

Are you in a financial crux and need cash immediately? Then apply for an emergency cash loan online with FlexSalary. The application process is simple as you have to submit only a few mandatory documents. Ensure that you are uploading valid and legal documents for quick approval. The documents that you need to submit are:

  • Identity proof - PAN card/Aadhar card/Driving license/Passport.
  • Address proof - Passport/Rental agreement/Utility bills like landline, water, or electricity.
  • Income proof - Submit 3-6 months salary slips along with your bank statements.
  • Upload photo - Upload photo with your face clearly visible.

Emergency Cash Loan Online for Individuals with Low Income

Another interesting feature of availing an emergency cash loan online with FlexSalary is that you can still qualify for a quick loan even if your income is low. While most of the lenders usually prefer to offer loans if your minimum monthly income is at least INR 30,000 per month but FlexSalary approves a loan even if your monthly income is INR 8,000.

5 Reasons Why You Should Apply for An Emergency Loan with FlexSalary

  • Quick processing and disbursal - When you have an urgent need for cash, waiting isn't an option. That is when applying for an urgent cash loan with FlexSalary, helps you out! Just meet our simple eligibility criteria and get qualified for the same day urgent loan.
  • No usage so no interest - Interest rates are levied only on the amount that you have withdrawn and not on the total amount that is approved to you.
  • Convenience and flexibility - You can conveniently repay the emergency cash loan taken at FlexSalary because you can make flexible payments when you don't have enough cash to pay the full EMI for the month.
  • Easy repayments - Your installment repayment dates are already aligned with your payday. So, there are fewer chances of being out of money when you are due with your repayments.
  • Small amounts can be borrowed - Looking for some extra cash and not for the entire loan amount? Don't worry as you can also borrow smaller amounts from FlexSalary and repay the loan easily. You can borrow anywhere from a minimum of INR 4000 to a maximum of INR 2,00,000.

Loan Amount

With FlexSalary, you can apply for a loan amount from a minimum of INR 4,000 to a maximum of INR 2,00,000.

Loan Tenure

It is open-ended. You decide the loan tenure.

Emergency Cash Loans Online - Apply Today

It is easy to get an emergency cash loan online with FlexSalary.

Step 1: Visit the website at and check your eligibility.

Step 2: Login/Signup to your FlexSalary account.

Step 3: Complete your KYC, upload the requested mandatory documents, and wait for further verification. For quick approval, opt for 'Net Banking'.

Once approved, you will get the loan amount in your account within a few hours.

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Emergency Cash Loan FAQs

Yes, FlexSalary approves emergency cash loans only for salaried professionals. You need to be currently employed and also drawing a regular monthly salary which should also be reflected in your account.
Yes, we do check your credit score. But we also consider other factors to approve your loan when you have a low credit score.
An emergency cash loan from FlexSalary is quickly approved and instantly disbursed into your account within a few hours. With an easy application process and minimal document submission, FlexSalary is the most reliable option to apply for a loan.
You will be approved immediately if you meet our simple loan eligibility criteria. You will receive funds as soon as the same day.
Check your eligibility, fill the application form, upload the mandatory documents requested and if approved, you will be contacted by our executives! Do not worry as we value your time and will instantly update you regarding the status of your application.