Need Instant Cash Loans? Approval in 1 hour in Delhi.

How Does FlexSalary Work as an Alternative to a Quick Cash Loan?

Need money fast? We can help! Delhi, the bustling city of dreams, has it all! From amazing jobs in tech and schools to exciting travel, friendly hotels, and great shopping, Delhi never sleeps. Lots of people come here, so finding help with money is easy. If you're looking for a instant cash loan right now, you're at the right place. We get you the money you need, fast and simple!

It's a line of credit that you can avail of as a loan on salary. Based on your income statement and credit score, you can get this loan. It's a collateral-free credit support where you get a credit limit of up to Rs.2,00,000. You can keep using and renewing this credit limit with your responsible credit usage. Here, the repayment tenure varies between 10-36 months. This can be the perfect alternative to an instant cash loan in Delhi for many reasons. Following are a few-

4 Reasons Why Salaried Professionals in Delhi Choose us for Instant Cash Loans

  • Fast processing: We provide a streamlined application process with minimal formalities. You can register using our app or the official website, just with your name, PAN and contact details. Documentation and verification are digital that leads to instant approval and credit. It's a suitable credit option for your urgent or emergency financial needs as well.
  • Easy payback options: We offer an EMI-free repayment facility. You can pay your dues in variable instalments without any added charges. While you can repay your dues gradually, you can also close the loan anytime. We take no prepayment charges or foreclosure fees against the loss of interest.
  • Loan on Salary: the approval on this credit line comes based on your salary slips and bank statement. Despite we don�t do a hard credit check, the chances of approval increase with a good credit score. You can apply for this loan with a minimum monthly salary of ?8000 or above. This is an exclusively designed instant cash loan alternative for salaried.
  • Transparent and secure lending: You can use our app to check all the loan related details and make an informed decision. Interest rates, processing fees, and other charges along with terms and conditions are all available on our portal. You can also keep track of your dues and re-payment is done using your online profile with us.

Documents Required to Apply for this Alternative to a Quick Cash Loan

  • Salary slips (3-6 months)
  • Bank statements (3-6 months)
  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN card

The requirement of documents may vary slightly depending on your credit profile.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for this alternative to an instant cash loan in 5 minutes you need to meet the eligibility criteria. We extend relaxed eligibility criteria that help in easy loan application.

Following are our basic eligibility criteria-

  • Your age must be between 21 years to 55 years
  • You must be either a salaried professionals
  • Your income must be a minimum of Rs.8,000/m
  • You must have an active bank account with regular income credit
  • Your credit score must be above 750

Fees Applicable on Instant Cash Loans

Interest Rate APR 18%-54%
Processing Fees Rs.00-1,250 + GST (one-time fee applicable on first-time withdrawal)
Loan Amount Rs.500 -Rs.2,00,000
Loan Repayment Fee None
Loan tenure 10-36 months

How To Get Instant Cash Loan in Delhi Alternative

1. Registration: Register with FlexSalary using its mobile app or the official website. Enter your Name, Contact and PAN number to complete this process.

2. Application: Complete the application by providing your income and occupational details.

3. Documentation: Upload your ID, address and Income proof along with one photograph for digital documentation

4. Verification: Complete KYC for verification. No physical verification is done. It is time-saving and streamlines the process.

5. Approval: Successful verification is followed by instant approval.

FlexSalary offers perfect alternative to an instant cash loan in Delhi. You can apply for the limit anytime and from anywhere in India. While this is easy to avail loan option in Delhi, it's equally convenient in repayment.

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