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Avail instant personal loan from ₹500 to ₹3,00,000

A personal loan in Pune from FlexSalary can be the best solution when you are struggling to get cash during times of uncertainty. Pune, being the automotive and industrial hub, is a thriving city which provides unlimited employment opportunities. Hence, Pune serves as a platform to fulfil your dreams, and this can happen when you have required money resources.

Ease out your financial burden with us by applying for a personal loan. With such a finance option at your hand, you can fulfil all your dreams and responsibilities quite easily. Because we meet your financial needs with our efficient and hassle-free way of borrowing and lending. With FlexSalary, you can quickly get access to funds as we are India’s first app-based credit line, offering money quickly in the form of personal loans.

Features And Benefits of Personal Loan in Pune

An instant personal loan in Pune from FlexSalary can help you meet your needs without having to bother about any financial calamities. With a personal loan online, you can meet any of your financial needs, whether it is funding for an international trip, paying for any medical emergency, renovating your home, funding for a wedding, or pursuing higher education.

FlexSalary is a loan offering from Vivifi India Finance Private Limited, a non-banking finance company (NBFC) registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). We are an app-based credit line offering personal loans. Just meet our simple eligibility criteria and you can get approved for a loan amount anywhere ranging from INR 500 to INR 3,00,000. Here are the top features and benefits of a personal loans in Pune:

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Unsecured personal loans :
FlexSalary personal loan is unsecured, which means you need not have to pledge your assets such as gold, property, etc., to avail a loan.
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Minimal documentation:
By submitting only a few mandatory documents such as proofs concerning your income, identity and residence, you can easily get approved for a personal loan with FlexSalary. The loan application process is paperless and completely carried out online.
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Same-day approval:
There may be many money lenders in Pune, but finding a trustworthy lender like FlexSalary can be difficult. Because not all lenders approve you with a same-day loan in India like us! If you want to apply for a personal loan, then either visit our website for further details or else download our FlexSalary app, which is available both in the Play Store or the App Store.
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No hidden charges:
Unlike other lenders, we do not impose any hidden charges, once you are approved with a FlexSalary loan. You can find this information stated in the loan agreement.
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Access credit any time:
Need financial help? Struck in a financial crux in the middle of the night and not knowing whom to ask? Worry not, as FlexSalary is available 24X7 and you can get access to credit anywhere and anytime with FlexSalary. Download the app now!
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Pay interest on usage only:
You pay interest only on the amount that is utilized i.e. interest is not levied if your funds are sitting idle in the account. Interest will be charged only on the amount that is utilized from the approved funds.
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Easy and flexible repayments:
The best thing about applying with FlexSalary is, you can repay your loan in flexible repayments. You can just pay the minimum amount until you regain your financial stability.

You can get private finance in Pune from any lender. But FlexSalary stands the best among all the lenders.

Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan in Pune

FlexSalary's eligibility criteria are simple. To qualify for an instant personal loan in Pune:

Citizen Be an Indian citizen
Age Be 21 years or more
Occupation Be a salaried individual
Income Get a monthly income of INR 4,000 or more

Documents Required to Apply for a Personal loan in Pune

When applying for a personal loan in Pune with FlexSalary, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Proof of ID - Passport/Aadhar card/PAN card/Driving license
  • Proof of residence - Utility bills like a landline, water, or electricity/Rental agreement/Passport
  • Proof of income - Submit 3-6 months salary slips along with your bank statements.
  • Upload photo - Upload photo with your face visible.

How to Apply for a Personal Loan in Pune within 5 minutes at FlexSalary?

Getting finance in Pune can be tough, but applying for a personal loan with FlexSalary is easy. So, follow this 3-step easy procedure to get a loan, conveniently:

Visit the website at

Login/Signup to your FlexSalary account and fill in all the requested information.

Complete your KYC by uploading all the requested mandatory documents. For immediate loan approval, opt for 'Net Banking' verification.

If approved, you will get the loan amount into your account within a few hours.


The loan amount will be credited into your bank account, electronically..

You need to repay the loan in the form of EMI''s (Equated monthly installments) till the end of your decided loan tenure. You can also prepay the loan anytime by making full payment, without paying any penalty.

We believe in transparency. There are no hidden charges levied on you after approving the loan. For further information, you can check all the charges stated in the loan agreement.

Yes, the non-payment of your loan EMI can hamper your credit score. So, we advise you to be careful and don''t be a defaulter.

You will be approved immediately if you meet our simple loan eligibility criteria. You will receive funds as soon as on the same day.
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