Interest and Tenure

Glance through the details about FlexSalary interest rate, tenure, charges, and more.

  • Annual percentage interest rate (APR) : Ranges from 18% to 54%
  • Tenure : Ranges from 10 months to 36 months
  • One-time Processing Fee Rs.0.00 - Rs.1,250 (including GST): Will be applicable only at the time of first withdrawal.
  • Late Fee : Rs.0
  • Bounce cheque fees : Rs.0
  • Pre-payment penalty : Rs.0
  • Conditional interest on continued line usage : Ranges from 0% to 1.75%

Payment Example*

For an approved loan amount of Rs.50,000 at an interest of 33% for a tenure of 10 months, the total of all the payments would be Rs.57,605. This translates to a maximum APR of 35.47%.

  • Approved Loan Amount = Rs.50,000
  • Loan Tenure = 10 months
  • Total of all payments = Rs.57,605
  • Principal = Rs.50,000
  • One-time Processing Fee = Rs.750
  • Total Interest Amount = Rs.6,855


*The above example shows the schedule for a customer who makes all the suggested payments on time with a minimum payment of 15% of initial outstanding (principal). Interest Rate varies based on the risk profile of the customer. If you meet our simple loan eligibility criteria, you will receive instant cash in your bank account on the same day.