Loan for Professionals

Professional loans are credit help extended exclusively to professionals like an engineer, doctor, architect, chartered accountants, designer, teachers, etc. to help them when they need money. These loans are easy to get online. If you need money to meet your needs or want to grow professionally and need some cash help, FlexSalary can provide a lending hand for you. Whether you are a general physician and want to have your own clinic, a working designer and want to have your outlet, a practicing CA and desire to start your firm or any profession you are in, getting an online loan for professionals is so easy with us.

What are Loans for Professionals?

Loans for professionals are personalized credit offered to working professionals. If you have your income proof and good credit health, you can have a loan. At FlexSalary, you can get a loan at a competitive interest rate, no collateral, no hidden charges, and less paperwork. Apply now from as low as Rs. 4,000 up to Rs. 2,00,000, and get cash within a few hours.

Benefits of Loans for Professionals at FlexSalary

  • No security or collateral is needed for approval.
  • Minimum documentation is done and quick approval is given.
  • Flexible tenure is provided and you can have your loan for up to 60 months.
  • Lower processing fees and no prepayment charges

How are Loans for Professionals Different from Personal Loans?

Many differences can be observed between personal and professional loans, but the main ones can be; the variation in interest rates, purpose of the loan, and application process. While a personal loan may and may not be purpose-specific, professional loans help you to grow professionally. A professional loan attracts a comparatively lower rate of interest than a personal loan and also you can have a tailor-made loan deal based on your credit health and income. While a personal loan can be lengthier to apply for, professional loans are given instantly with less documentation and formalities. Flexible tenure, better interest rate, bigger amount, and instant disbursal, etc. are also some great features that come with professional loans.

How to Apply Online Loan for Professionals?

An online loan for professionals helps in getting credit help instantly with a short procedure. You can just provide your basic details such as your name, age, professional details, and income; and upload your income and address proof to register and apply for a loan. Many lenders are present online to offer online loans for professionals but FlexSalary stands out. Our loan for professionals can be approved within a few hours and you can see the cash in your account immediately.

What are the Documents Required to Get a Loan for Professionals from FlexSalary?

With FlexSalary you can get a professional loan with the least documentation. The process is 100% online. You can apply for a loan using the app or through the FlexSalary website. Online KYC is done through a video call where you must show your id proof and other proofs to complete the verification in just a few minutes.

Necessary documents are-

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Address proof
  • Salary Slip (last 3 months)
  • Bank statement (last 3-6 months)
  • 1 passport size photograph

Eligibility Criteria for a Professional Loan at FlexSalary

To be eligible for a FlexSalary loan for professionals, you:

Citizen Must be an Indian Citizen
Age Must be above the age of 21
Occupation Must be a salaried individual
Income Get a monthly income of INR 8000 or more

Why Choose FlexSalary to Get an Online Loan for Professionals?

There are many reasons why FlexSalary can be the best choice for you to get a loan online.

  • Relaxed eligibility criteria: Professionals with a monthly salary of just Rs. 8000 can also apply for a loan at FlexSalary. This works as a loan on salary so just with your income proof and bank statement, you can prove your eligibility easily and no credit check is done at all.
  • No curtailment on purpose: Albeit the professional loans are given to grow you professionally, at FlexSalary, it’s not the only need you can spend the sum for. You can use this loan for any purpose and meet your requirements.
  • Works as a line of credit: When you apply for a loan with us, you will get approved for a credit line, which works just like a credit card. You won’t be charged any interest unless you start using the money from our credit line.
  • Flexible tenure and repayment: You can easily apply online loans for professionals at FlexSalary and also smoothly pay it back in flexible payments and a flexible tenure of 3-36 months.
  • Large credit limit with easy renewal: At FlexSalary, you get the largest credit limit when you apply for professional loans. Varying between Rs. 4000-Rs. 2,00,000 professional loans from FlexSalary is good for all your needs. You can easily renew your credit limit, even with part payment, and continue using this as a revolving credit line.

Getting professional loans at FlexSalary is simple and instant with a short application process and minimal documentation. With your income proof, id proof, and address proof only, FlexSalary offers online loans for professionals. Documentation including the verification, everything is done online followed by same-day approval and immediate disbursal.

At FlexSalary, no pre-payment or foreclosure charges are imposed, even if you pay off your loan in one go. Getting online loans for professionals is easy with FlexSalary and it’s equally smooth when it comes to repayment.