Get Approved for Instant NBFC Cash Loans

NBFC Cash Loans: The Changing Landscape

Who doesn’t need a tension free loan process. With all the long queues, lengthy paperwork & days of waiting period, banks make personal loans difficult. Now consumers are more interested in keywords that promises Instant cash loan in 1 hour in India & NBFC Personal Loans, the market is shifting its focus to much easier lending process. But, Are they secured & affordable? How will they work?

The only solution for all these queries is NBFC, abbreviated form for Non-Banking Financial Companies.

NBFC online personal loans take only a few minutes to apply and in the most of the cases, loan gets disbursed on the same-day. Unlike bank loans, NBFC instant cash loans don’t need lengthy documentation or paperwork. If you need a loan, you can complete your verification by doing eKYC and EBV (Electronic Bank Verification). Apart from traditional loans, NBFCs offer line of credit loans too.

Benefits of NBFC Personal Loans

  • Quick loans or loan processing
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Loans for low credit history customers

Is Instant cash loan in 1 hour in India possible?

You might have came across promotional messages saying get cash now, immediate cash loans in India or Instant cash loan in 1 hour and more. This might look like a marketing trap, but when tried, it turns out to be true. Yes, you can get a loan in 1 hour in India. Most of the private lending NBFCs pride themselves for their agile and secured loan process. With minimum documentation, e-verification, NBFCs offer cash loans in 1 hour, that too online. Instant personal loans with banks are difficult. On an average your loan disbursal might take 3-5 business days. But by providing complete information, verifying your data online, NBFCs disburse your loans in a day.

Getting an Instant Cash loan has never been easier.


Does FlexSalary offer instant cash loans in 1 hour in India?

Instant salary advance loans are personal line of credit loans, where, you sign-up once and keep using it for a lifetime. Adding to this, FlexSalary makes instant cash loans affordable. As you only pay interest on the amount used and not on the total credit line.

Unlike other NBFCs, FlexSalary provides a flexible repayment tenure with easy EMIs. You can use any amount within your credit limit any-time, pay interest only on the amount used, repay & replenish it.

Getting approved for an Instant cash loan is a cakewalk

To get approved from FlexSalary, you need to fill basic details and employment history. Verify your e-KYC details, do EBV to validate your income information and you’re done. Opting for EBV or Electronic Bank Verification makes your verification process faster and enables same-day loan approval. FlexSalary is transparent, secure and flexible. So what are you waiting for, become a customer of FlexSalary to enjoy an endless support.

Looking for an instant loan to cover your cash crunch?


You can apply for our personal line of credit either through our website or any of our android or iOS apps.
FlexSalary requires your:
  1. Identity proof
  2. PAN card
  3. Address proof
  4. Bank statements
  5. Payslips
  6. Photo
No. Only salaried individuals with a minimum salary of INR 8,000 can apply for a FlexSalary personal line of credit.
You must be an Indian citizen with minimum of 18 years of age to be eligible for FlexSalary's personal line of credit.
FlexSalary personal line of credit is approved almost instantly.
You can borrow as low as INR 4,000 and up to INR 2,00,000.
The loan tenure is up to 3 Years (Open-ended).
No. You don't have to provide any security or collateral to get approved for a personal line of credit from FlexSalary.
FlexSalary doesn't charge any penalty for prepayment of your loan.
FlexSalary has no restrictions on how you make use of your personal line of credit amount. You can use it for your child's fee payment, upgrading your home or even a holiday.
Electronic Bank Verification is a revolutionary process used by banks, lenders and other financial institutions to verify the financial status of a potential customer. While applying for a personal line of credit, you can choose the EBV option instead of 'Upload Your Documents' option to get instant loan approval.
Your application will be rejected straightaway if your profile doesn't meet our eligibility criteria requirements.