Instant Personal Loan Online For Salaried

Loan Approval upto 2 Lakh

Instant Personal Loans Online -Your Solution to Unexpected Expenses

The finances of salaried professionals mostly involve managing their expenses and budgeting for their needs. However, having additional or unexpected expenses is inevitable and cannot be managed by a fixed salary. Taking an instant personal loan online for a salaried person in such a situation can be the easiest solution.

An online personal loan can also be the easiest credit option for simple application and quick disbursal. Extra expenses always appear unexpectedly, whether it's a medical need, or you're planning for upskilling, education, and children's demands, travel plans, welcoming guests, some home renovations, a shopping spree, or simply a household need. And the solution for all these can be just one: an instant loan!

Instant Personal Loan in Nutshell

  • Instant personal loans on salary are an unsecured credit option with online access. It's a collateral-free loan that you can avail of based on your income.
  • It's a paperless and digital loan option available with minimal documentation.
  • It comes with attractive interest rates, easy repayment options, and a flexible tenure that can be up to 3 years.
  • Here, you can avail of a loan against your salary in the form of a credit line of up to Rs. 2 lakhs at a competitive rate of interest.

It's a short-term, unsecured personal loan. When it is only given to salaried professionals via e-transaction, it is referred to as an "online loan for salaried." The loan approval depends only on your salaried income because it's collateral-free.

Online Instant Loan: Features

Unsecured personal loans
Easy application:

We provide an easy loan application process. For an instant loan, the application process is always short and simple. You can complete the procedure with basic personal credentials like your name, contact details, financial requirements, and desired term.

Minimal documentation
24*7 access:

Being an online credit facility, you can apply for it anytime, from anywhere. Since you can avail of this unsecured personal loan 24 hours a day, it's perfect for emergency cash needs.

Same-day approval
Quick approval:

This credit app comes with a quick loan approval feature. Since the documentation and verification are both done online, it's time-saving.

No hidden charges
Instant disbursal:

Besides being able to apply for an instant loan online, you can also get the money within 24 hours of your application. Credit can be accessed using a cheque, demand draft, or direct account transfer.

Access cash any time
No collateral:

We provide unsecured loans; hence, no collateral is required for approval. You can access the credit facility based on your income even if you do not have a mortgage.

Pay interest only if you use
No Hard Credit Check:

The credit line is approved based on your income and sometimes after a soft credit pull. No hard credit check is done, so you don't have to worry if your CIBIL score is low.

Flexible repayments
Flexible Repayment:

Because we offer no mandatory fixed EMIs, you can repay this loan in variable installments. As long as you are making the minimum monthly payments, no penalties or charges are imposed.

Unsecured personal loans
High Credit Limit:

Here, you can borrow up to a credit limit of Rs. 2,00,000 starting from Rs. 4,000. A credit limit makes it perfect for both small and bigger financial needs.

Minimal documentation
Flexible Tenure:

You can pay off your dues anytime within a flexible tenure of 3-36 months with this instant credit app. Also, it charges nothing for the loss of interest in the case of full or partial prepayment of the loan.

Pay interest only if you use
Paying Interest as You Go:

On a quick loan from this credit app, you pay the interest only when you spend the money. It works as a credit line, where the interest accrues only on the amount used out of the approved credit limit.

Qualifying Criteria for Instant Personal Loan Online as Salaried

The eligibility criteria might vary a little depending on the lender, but this cash app offers a relaxed setting. Anyone who meets the following criteria can apply for a quick loan from this site:

Citizen You must be an Indian Citizen
Age You must be at least 18 years old
Occupation You must be a salaried individual
Income You must have a monthly income of Rs. 8,000 or above

Document Required for Instant Personal Loan Online For Salaried Professionals

  • Address Proof: Aadhar card/ Utility Bills/ Ration card
  • Identity Proof: PAN card/ Passport/ Driving license
  • Income Proof: Bank account statements/ Salary Slips/ Income statements from various sources of income

Application Process for an Instant Personal Loan Online-For Salaried Professionals

Fill in the application form: You can fill out the online application form with your basic credentials, like Name, Contact, and PAN details; Income; Amount Required; and Tenure Desired.

Upload the documents: After the application, you must upload all required documents. You can precheck the details of the required records and keep them ready for this stage.

Submit the loan application form with the required documents, and wait for your loan to be approved.

Complete the verification: Once the documentation is done, complete the online KYC. Through a video call, it's completed, as no physical verification is done for an online loan. As a result, neither you nor anyone else visits you for formalities.

Credit disbursal: Immediately after the verification, your loan is approved. Once approved, there is no waiting period for disbursement, and within 24 hours, you can access the cash.

Benefits of FlexSalary's Instant Personal Loan Online for Salaried Individuals

Unsecured personal loans

You can easily apply for an instant personal loan online for salaried professionals through a simple application process. The registration can be completed here with your name, contact information, and PAN details.

Minimal documentation

We provide disbursements within 24 hours of the application. In emergencies or urgent cash requirements, this helps the most since you can easily access the cash.

Same-day approval

We offer a flexible repayment option through which you can pay off your installments. We manage all expenses through a fixed monthly salary repayment, which does not add to the burden. You can pay off all your dues anytime within a flexible tenure of 3-36 months. As long as you are paying the minimum monthly dues, no late payment fees will be imposed.

No hidden charges

FlexSalary has a transparent lending system where you can check all the rates and charges before applying. Also, no hidden charges are involved, and you get a failed credit line deal. Its website and app are both end-to-end encrypted and give you a secured loaning platform.

Access cash any time
Customer support:

While this cash app provides credit support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it also provides customer support. You can connect anytime with the customer support system and seek help regarding a new or ongoing credit line.


Bottom Line

You can easily use this mobile app or the official website to apply for an instant personal loan online. Besides its online availability, you can also get credit access in just one day. Since no physical verification is done here, you can apply for it from anywhere, which helps the most in emergencies. FlexSalary is the best lender for a salaried person for all varying financial needs due to its easy access, instant approval, and flexible payback options.

Personal Loan FAQs

A personal loan is a credit tool where a lumpsum amount is credited to your account that you repay over time called an instalment. An instalment consists of a part of the principal amount added with interest at a fixed rate. You can avail of a personal loan based on your income and credit score.
Identity proof, address proof and income proof are the three requirements that you have to meet to apply for a personal loan. Also, you must meet the eligibility criteria of the lender that you choose for your loan. Then meet the documentation and complete the verification process. The eligibility criteria and documents needed can vary from lender to lender. You have to find out one lender based on your financial need and repayment capacity. FlexSalary is one lender that gives a personal loan in form of a line of credit exclusively to salaried professionals. With a salary of Rs.8K/M you can apply for a loan of up to rs.2L here.
You can fill in the application form using the mobile app or the website of the lender you choose. You can complete the application process with your name, age and contact details along with the amount needed and tenure desired. Then you upload the documents where in India Aadhar card, PAN card, salary slip and bank statements along with a photograph are mandatory. Then comes the verification where the authenticity of the records is observed and the lender assesses your credit history. Based on your details approval for the loan is given.
Your monetary need and repayment capacity are the basic factors that can help you choose the best lender for your personal loan. Also, you must see the rate of interest offered by the lender. The interest rate will form the total repayable amount hence you must know the total that you will pay over the year. You must read the fine print of the loan before signing in the deal so that you know all the terms and conditions of it. To summarize, eligibility criteria, the amount needed, the rate of interest and other charges are the main
Yes, you can use a personal loan for all your needs if it’s not a purpose-specific loan like a home loan or an education loan. Also, lenders like FlexSalary give a personal loan in form of a credit line that is good for every purpose.
A secured personal loan is given against collateral while an unsecured personal loan can be availed based on your income and credit score. Sometimes a secured loan is extended by the lenders if your credit history is not in good shape. Also if your income doesn’t support the amount you need, you can go for a secured personal loan. You can keep your property papers or owned shares or gold as a mortgage to have this.
You can get a personal loan within 24 hours if you choose an online lender for it. Otherwise from 2 days to a week can be taken for approval of it in a traditional lending system where you physically visit banks.
Yes, you can apply for a personal loan with bad credit but it can affect the rate of interest. A few lenders like FlexSalary give the credit after the soft credit pull.
A personal loan is paid off over time in fixed monthly instalments which consist of a part of the principal sum added with interest. The amount of instalment varies inversely proportional to the tenure of the loan. The longer the tenure will be the lesser will be the EMIs but it increases the interest payable. Also, some lenders like FlexSalary extend flexible payback options. Here you can pay off your dues in variable instalments as suitable for you without having to pay any additional charges.
Yes, you can prepay your personal loan but a few lenders will charge fees against the loss of interest. But some lenders like FlexSalary apply no prepayment charges in partial or full prepayment of the loan.