Professional Loan for Doctors

Being a doctor is the most valued profession. This is not just a prestigious profile but equally socially oriented. While as a doctor you earn a decent income but having additional financial needs are also inevitable. When such monetary needs hit you, applying for a professional loan for doctors from FlexSalary can be the easiest solution for you.

You can apply and get a professional loan for doctors with FlexSalary in 24 hours without any collateral or lengthy documentation. If you are applying for a professional loan for doctors in Bengaluru, or you are applying for a professional loan for doctors in Delhi or anywhere in India, with FlexSalary, you can apply for one in no time. It is a 100% online credit facility, and so you can apply and get a loan with FlexSalary in a few clicks on your smartphone.

How Can You Use Your Professional Loan for Doctors?

With a professional loan for doctors, you can meet all your financial needs whether personal or professional. As a doctor, it’s important to grow professionally, and that demands finances. You can meet these needs with a professional loan for doctors. Along with professional development, this loan can help you with personal financial requirements as well.

Whether it’s your academic or professional growth as a medical practitioner or any personal requirements like marriage, travelling, or shopping; a professional loan for doctors from FlexSalary can be good for all the needs you have. Our loan has many great features like easy repayments, no hidden charges, no collateral, less paperwork, and more.

Benefits of Getting a Professional loan for Doctors at FlexSalary

  • Large credit limit provided: Starting from Rs. 4000 up to Rs. 2,00,000, you can borrow any amount with FlexSalary. You can spend the approved credit limit for any need without any restriction.
  • Works as unsecured credit line: You can have the professional for doctors in Pune or any part of India from FlexSalary, and it will work as a line of credit. We offer you the loan as a credit line where the interest is charged only when the money is spent. Also, the interest rates are competitive, making this loan a pocket-friendly loan deal for you.
  • Flexible repayment and tenure: At FlexSalary, on your professional loan for doctors, easy repayment facilities are given. You can pay back your loan in variable installments without any additional charges. Also, there is a flexible tenure of 3-36 months in which you can repay the money.
  • No-cost part-payment: At FlexSalary, on payment of your dues before the term of the loan is over, no foreclosure or pre-payment charges are taken. You can pay back your loan anytime in full or part, and no additional charges are taken at FlexSalary.
  • Easily renewal of credit: Our loan for doctors works like a revolving line of credit that you can renew anytime with part payments. So, use the approved credit, repay, and reuse just like a credit card.

Eligibility Criteria for a Professional Loan at FlexSalary

To be eligible for a FlexSalary loan for professionals, you:

Citizen Must be an Indian Citizen
Age Must be above the age of 21
Occupation Must be a salaried individual
Income Get a monthly income of INR 8000 or more

How to Apply for a Professional Loan for Doctors?

With FlexSalary, applying for a professional loan for doctors is fully online and in just a few steps, you can complete your application form. Suppose you are living in Ahmedabad and want to apply for a professional loan for doctors in Ahmedabad, all you have to do is visit our website or install our mobile app and begin the application process. Basic personal information like your; name, age, occupation, income, the amount required, and the term desired for the loan is to be filled to proceed with the application process. You can upload the requested documents online, and our customer support will contact you for verification.

With FlexSalary, you don’t have to wait in long billing lines anymore to apply for your loan even if you are taking a professional loan for doctors in Mumbai, which is a busy city. No matter how crowded the city is or how engaged you are, a professional loan for Doctors with FlexSalary can be received in just a matter of a few hours.

What are the Documents Required to Get a Loan for Professionals from FlexSalary?

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Address proof
  • Salary Slip (last 3 months)
  • Bank statement (last 3-6 months)
  • 1 passport size photograph

What is the Verification Process for a Professional Loan for Doctors?

At FlexSalary, the documentation is minimal and the verification is fully online. Through a video call, the verification is completed, where you can present all the documents, and the same day approval on your professional loan for doctors in Chennai or anywhere in India is provided. The loan application, documentation and verification are completed online without any physical visit of our loan executive at your office or home, making it ideal in these tough times where physical distancing is a must.

Without any physical verification or collateral demanded, we can help you immediately to meet your personal and professional financial requirements. If you are a practicing doctor and need a professional loan for doctors in Hyderabad or you need a professional loan for doctors in Indore or any other city, FlexSalary can be the best option for you.