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What Employers should know about FlexSalary Salary Advance Loans?

The concept of Salary Advance is ruling the market by extending monetary support for all salaried professionals. It's not uncommon that employees look out for some financial aid. Following the trend, FlexSalary too gives salary advances for all professionals, but with better benefits. This is what sets us apart from the flock. Let's tell you more about us.

FlexSalary is a FinTech, which offer loans on salary for salaried professionals. Our Salary advance loans are unsecured line of credit loans which are built in flexibility.

So, what are Unsecured Salary Advance Loans?

Line of credit loans or Salary advance loans are open-ended credit loans, where one can borrow money and keep using it forever by making minimum repayments. Likewise, loans on salary from FlexSalary too are flexible, both in tenure & repayments.

If your employee is looking for an instant financial aid, FlexSalary will extend monetary support by providing an Advance Salary Loan to make him meet his needs. With loans on salary, your employee can borrow any amount from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 200,000, and can use wherever they want. Moreover, they don't need to pay interest on the whole loan amount but only on the used sum. Let's explain you a bit better.

For an instance, If X borrows Rs. 5000 and only uses Rs. 2000, the interest is charged only on Rs. 2000 and not on Rs. 5000.

Awesome Right!

In similar fashion, FlexSalary Salary Advance Loans boast many more benefits for its consumers; like Same-day approval*, flexible repayment tenure, & Easy EMIs. Loans on salary here are revolving, meaning we allow our customers to spend the amount, repay it in flexible tenure by making minimum payments to replenish the credits and spend it again. This never ending cycle of credit helps our consumers to have monetary backup every time.

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Salary Advance App from FlexSalary

To make things easier and more agile, FlexSalary launched Salary Advance App for android and iOS platforms. FlexSalary uses data driven algorithm to provide best experience to the users - in need of Salary Advance Loans through App. So, in case you are searching online for the best Advance Salary Loan App, download FlexSalary app now.

Features of Salary Advance Loans

  • Apply once. Withdraw Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Same-day Approval*
  • Lifetime Validity
  • Withdraw Anytime
  • Pay interest only on the amount used, not on the total sum
  • Interest @ Rs.10/day for Rs. 10,000/-

Benefits of Loans on Salary

  • Same-day Approval*
  • No-burden of one-shot repayment. Flexible repayment tenures
  • Get 50% of your salary as a loan
  • Easy online application. Minimal Documentation
  • Unsecured loan. No gurantor or security required
  • Secured & Agile process

Eligibility Criteria for Loans on Salary

  • Age: Minimum 21 years & Maximum 55 years.
  • Employed Professional
  • Resident of India

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*Same-day loan approval is only possible when Net Banking Verification is done